How to spend $800 in your first round

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The very first round is about to start, the count down is going and you got to eqiup yourself. One problem: you got only the standard $800. Does it mean that you’re in deep waters? Absolutely not. But the way you spend it is crucial to your success…or failure. If you follow our recommendations you get a good chance of beating your enimies who spent their $800 on the wrong items.

How to spend $800 in your first round

Depending on what team you’re in, this can go a number of ways. If you’re on the Counter-Terrorists team, we recommend you keeping your USP pistol as this is one of the best ones in the game and only purchase armor and some ammo. Do it in the order listed though, cause if you accidently by the ammo first, you won’t have enough credit for the armor. Having second to best pistol in the game plus a full kevlar you’re garanteed a great potential for successful fight.

This set is our preffered choice and we strongly suggest you follow it. However, playing for the Terrorist team, we recommend you purchase another pistol as the standard glock can only be useful in short-distanced combat. That’s why thebest way to spend your 1st round money in your case is to get yourself a Desert Eagle – the most poweful handgun in the game. Eventhough you won’t have enough cash left to get a cevlar, with a gun like that you only need two bullets to the body or one to the head to elliminate any enemy (with helmet or without).

We don’t recommend wasting money on any types of grenades in the first round at all. Use your start credit smartly and you will be greatly reward with an epic first round score! For best CS 1.6 experience we recommend to download CS from our website. Good luck!

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